Whiskey Friday

Whiskey Friday is a notoriously complicated concept: on Friday, drink whisk(e)y.

When we worked at The Onion in NYC, every Friday around 5pm, employees would gather at the Art Director’s office. Partially, this is because he had a really nice office. Primarily, we gathered because he kept a bottle of Jameson in there and he shared it every Friday around 5pm. We began referring to this loitering as “Whiskey Friday.”

Over time, we invited friends, professional nerd peers, and whiskey brands to join in on Whiskey Friday while shouting about it on social media. We hosted Whiskey Friday meetups in our travels. We encouraged others to follow suit and also drink whiskey on Fridays, preferably at work. Thus, “Whiskey Friday” became #whiskeyfriday.

Now, we are building a network of people who like to gather with good people, generally but not limited to folks in comedy, media, and technology. On Fridays. And maybe drink whiskey. We host events regularly in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area, and we’re adding cities.

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