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This week we flew up to Toronto to test out a new kind of Comedy Hack Day. CMDC had us build and demo two Comedy Hack Day-style projects at their conference. We brought six Comedy Hack Day all-stars (Zoe, Toby, Matt, Derek, Kim, and Aliya) and made two projects: Tab Champ and ... read more
Last week we published our first Comedy Hack Day product video. It looks like this: We’re thrilled that people like it. We had a blast making the thing and would’ve been happy with 5k plays so all of this is gravy, honestly. However, because we did get a bunch of ... read more
San Francisco, CA (October 8, 2014) – Cultivated Wit, a company that produces events and content worth hyperlinking in a lede, issued a press release today announcing that CEO and Co-Founder Baratunde Thurston will be embedded within Participant Media’s TV network, Pivot, as a co-host on TakePart Live. Thurston joins ... read more
Miranda July has just released two things that are wonderful: Somebody, a messaging app that encourages strangers to deliver your texts to friends verbally, and a short film that imagines four increasingly awesome stories around the app. When Somebody hit the Burrito Den, our internal Slack channel for goofy stuff, ... read more