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This officially marks day one of our two-week corporate jaunt. We begin in Cannes, France for several days of meetings, panels, and Craig getting sun burned. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be here working with AOL and talking about creativity, storytelling, technology, buzzwords, and more buzzwords. If you’re here ... read more
This admittedly blurry photo is the old Onion writers room, sans table. It’s where I spent upwards of 10 hours a week for four years gaining an incredible appreciation for just how difficult it is to produce good, original comedy for more than 20 years as The Onion has. One ... read more
At this point in my life, a full-grown adult without any kids, publicly sharing the amount of cartoons I watch would either call into question my mental capacities or land me on a sexual predator watch list. So let’s skip over that part. Instead, let me jump right to making ... read more