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Rukmini_CW PicIt is often said that a business is successful if it creates jobs. We disagree. Creating jobs is a sign of massive failure for it creates “costs” and “liability.” True success would be to create labor output with no compensatory input. That would be the cold fusion of business. Thus it is with justifiable business pride that we announce the first ever Cultivated Wit Summer Intern. Joining us as a part-time human resource through August is our first ever Intern-In-Chief, Rukmini Giridharadas.

Rukmini has been issued large framed pieces of paper from Brown University and Harvard University. She has been previously employed by Google and the U.S. Department Of Defense. She comes to us during the summer between her first and second years at Harvard Business School. As such, we are putting her in charge of the business every Friday this summer where she will work out of our New York City offices at Betaworks alongside our CEO, me. She will help with research, client development, our global satire initiative, and creative tax planning strategies. When she’s not working with us, Rukmini will be working with the United Nations Global Pulse which should give us a heads up on how to exploit global crises for profit well ahead of competitors like BP, Raytheon, and Pop Chips.

You can tune in to Rukmini’s journey via her posts on our blog and a very special NYC Whiskey Friday this week commemorating her joining the team.