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Robert Mankoff, aside from being The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, is a cool dude.

We had the pleasure of meeting Bob for lunch last year, and barely a second passed in silence as we gushed excitedly about humor, comedy, and the most effective method of midtown jaywalking.

Why do I distinguish between humor and comedy in that list? Well, that’s precisely the topic of Mankoff’s latest blog post. Instead of doing that internet thing where I boil down a well-thought-out piece into a criminally synthesized 150 words, I’d rather just say these three: GO READ IT. Especially those of you, like me, who enjoy diving into the intellectual aspects of comedy as much as its actual practice and execution.

I’ve also included a Ted Talk Bob gave detailing the anatomy of a New Yorker cartoon which is also very much worth your time. Plus, it provides video evidence of my initial assertion: Robert Mankoff is a cool dude.