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Worst Tweets Of The Boston Bombing Lockdown

Tragedy often makes heroes of the least expected and supreme douchebags of others. Here is a sample of some of the best, worst tweets surrounding the manhunt and lockdown in the Boston area following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Storified by Cultivated Wit· Fri, Apr 19 2013 12:10:04

It’s too bad Suspect # 1 won’t be able to be legalized by Marco Rubio, now.Ann Coulter
Get it? Immigrants are bad. All of them. 
If i could only join the manhunt for that lone towelhead…Enzo S.D.
If i could only avoid the bigoted idiots with keyboards and internet access…
I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine? #2ANate Bell
I wonder how many Alabama state legislative representatives anyone anywhere gives a fuck about, especially those that vote for Voter ID laws and a reduction of the application fee for concealed carry permits. Dick.
These Tsarnaev brothers did not work alone. They had help and assistance from other cell members. Be vigilant and on the lookout.Donald J. Trump
Just couldn’t stay out of it, could you, Donald?
Just b/c the bombing suspects were Muslim, that doesn’t make it ‘terrorism’ any more than a crazy abortion clinic bomber is a terrorist.Kirsten Powers
There are many layers of wrong in this post. We’re tired and trust you’re smart enough to spot the idiocy.
Man being interviewed on TV about Boston bombers forgot to hide his huge pink dildo."They were quiet, they kept to themselves. They didn’t like my big pink novelty dicks."Thank you, random Bostonian being interviewed by t…
that was just a fun break for yall
RT @dwkafir: Here in the south, all us country boys would be out hunting this raghead f*ck rather than forced to cower in our homesYes, You’re Racist
The Yes, You’re Racist Twitter account is the best of the best. 
Question MarkDon Moyer
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