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The World’s Best-Top-Most-Recommended-By-Me Comedy Offerings Of SXSW 2014

So let’s see. There is Whiskey Friday. There is my panel (How Creative People Arrive At Good Ideas) featuring Scott Aukerman at 11:00 am Sunday. Then there is Baratunde’s panel (Communicating With Humor: Perils & Best Practices) featuring Baratunde at 12:30 pm Sunday. What are you doing with the rest …

Nutmegger, Please: How Carrie Brownstein, John Hodgman, and I created multi-dimensional Vines in Hartford, CT

This past weekend, I was invited to join John Hodgman and Carrie Brownstein on stage as part of “The Connecticut Forum.” The Forum’s final event of the year was on Funny Smart People. Here is some of what happened as retold through tweets, photos, and vines.