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Let’s stop speculating about the future of online journalism for 20 minutes, and instead just enjoy the present of online journalism. Specifically, one of the more creative, fun, and masterfully executed videos you’ll ever find under the banner of “news.”

Last week The Verge released a profile of eBoy, a trio of pixel pushing artists from Berlin, and it has since been emailed, Slacked, tweeted, and plain ol’ talked about by most of the Cultivated Wit team. The design of the actual article is full of life and matches the tone of the piece wonderfully, but the video is what really put the gallop in our ponies. (That’s a saying, right?)

A story about three white guys who sit around at computers all day is every video team’s worst nightmare, but obviously not in this case. The music, the art, the quotes they got from their subjects, right through to the credits… They clearly took every element of the production and said, “how can we make this fun?” Even the b-roll of Steffen, Kai, and Svend interacting or riding the train—which can often feel forced or formulaic—brings a ton of life and personality to the story.

We’ll shut up and just let you watch it now, and steal our final compliment right from the video itself: “It’s great, I guess.”