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Here begins a new chapter in my life. And as new chapters go, this one is going to be an amazing, sexy, joke-filled jumble.

Adam Peterson and I are merging our design studio, I Shot Him, with the fine gentlemen at Cultivated Wit. From the moment we met these comedy-spouting dweebs, we knew amazing things were going to happen. Now we are making it official, so be prepared for those amazing things.

Roughly six years ago a few friends and I started I Shot Him with the mandate of “changing hearts, minds, and habits.” We wanted to affect the world for the better, and hopefully in some small way we did.

Over the last six years I Shot Him has built a reputation for being able to turn difficult-to-tell stories into fun rides tailor made for veiwing pleasure. We’ve tackled topics like drug reform, disaster preparedness, and sexual health. We’ve worked with amazing clients like The Ad Council, Google, SF Aids Foundation, Participant Media, and so many more. We have killed ourselves with all nighters, and slugged through all weekers to make a statement of what we think design can be. We have made our statement to the design community loud and clear, and now is the time we expand upon our ideas and reach new eyes.

In partnering with Cultivated Wit, we will be working together to make the world a better place through fun. We will work to create a culture that laughs more, cares more, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Our future holds bigger risks and even more difficult decisions—growing businesses is never easy. But ultimately, we want more happy drunks and less mean drunks.

Now that we’ve merged, we guarantee to make that all of that happen.