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Cultivated Wit, that’s us, needs a San Francisco-based intern-in-chief. Furthermore, henceforth, and hereinafter, we need this young, eager individual to assist in community management and editorial operations for our esteemed outfit of borderline professional employees.

What do we mean by “community management” and “editorial operations”? Why, that’s a great question we asked for you! On the community front, we need help growing and engaging with our peers, followers, subscribers, and parasitic leeches. This means everything from bridging connections with other people playing in the comedy/tech/design/slash space, to serving as an admin of our Comedy Hack Day alumni group on Facebook. And editorially, we need help with our blog—writing posts, managing contributors, promoting content—in addition to copywriting for client work and our world-renowned email blasts.

Ideal candidates avidly consume news and other media, but also carry a passion for creating great work of their own. They should respect and understand social media platforms, but not be defined by them. Any design, development, or falconing skills are also a plus.

Above your ability to contribute to agency work, content creation, and Comedy Hack Day, this internship provides a chance to help establish an office culture in our fledgling Cultivated Wit West Headquarters in the Mission District of sunny San Francisco. This is code for: “what we don’t pay you in cash we will pay you in fun!*”

That said, this internship will pay a monthly stipend. No joke.

Interested applicants who are not already sprinting through the streets of San Francisco screaming “CULTIVATED WIT! HIRE ME!” can email with “SF Intern” in the subject line.

We can’t wait to judge you!