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We had the pleasure of virtually “sitting down with” 99% Invisible host Roman Mars only 24 hours into his latest Kickstarter campaign. The conversation streamed live, and really, you should’ve been there. But lucky for you, Youtube never forgets, so we’ve posted the full video right here. You’re welcome.

As some background, we featured Roman in Funded, our web series on crowdfunding, detailing the story of his first successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. On October 23 he launched his second crowdfunding effort, attempting to raise $150,000 for the fourth season of 99% Invisible—an amount that would allow the show to escalate to a weekly release. With Funded, we never got the chance to highlight a campaign while it unfolded, but this interview finally allowed that to happen.

And just to say it bluntly instead of leaving it to subtext: you should totally give a buck or two or 200 to the campaign. All three of us at Cultivated Wit are big fans of the show, and for our money (literally) there aren’t many people out there telling stories as well as 99% Invisible.

Hope you enjoy watching us talk as much as we enjoyed recording ourselves talk!