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It’s not just Friday, it’s Whiskey Friday. Before we begin pouring that magical elixir of life over cubes of frozen water, we wanted to share a few good links to carry you into the weekend. 

READ: Our friends at the Nieman Journalism Lab posted this interesting piece yesterday on making tools vs. finding tools. We could go on and on about what’s in there, but instead we’ll just say if you work in journalism (or media in general) and consider yourself a progressive thinker when it comes to tech and where the industry is headed, give it a read.

WATCH: You thought we’d be above posting a Harlem Shake video, didn’t you. Yeah… we thought we’d be above that, too. But then our hilarious and maybe-slightly-just-a-little-bit twisted friends at Thing X made their version. It’s got gas masks and humping and just watch it.  

PLAY: To achieve your weekend quota in page refreshing, play around with Plooky a little bit. It’s all the strangest Wikipedia pages in one refreshable machine. Among our first few pages loaded were the 1957 BBC spaghetti tree hoax, extreme ironing, and this annoying 452 sq. inch public park in Portland

And with that, merry Whiskey Friday to you all!