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Comedy Hack Day


About the project

Comedy Hack Day is a hackathon series that we run. We bring developers and comedians together for a weekend to build hilarious apps and hardware, then they demo their projects to an audience in what’s pretty much the most nerdy and awesome comedy show we’ve ever witnessed.

Perhaps more than anything we do, Comedy Hack Day shows how humor and technology can be paired to create genuinely awesome products and experiences. We have a blast throwing these hackathons, which allow for us to meet hackers and comedians from all over the world who just get it. We couldn’t be more excited to see the community continue to grow around CHD as participants meet at the event, build their projects, and keep making great work together afterwards. Sorry, that was an odd moment of sincerity. We apologize.

“Comedy Hack Day has the highest production values of any hackathon I’ve ever seen.” – Anil Dash, co-founder of ThinkUp and Activate; fan of Prince

Past Winners:


Engadget (SF - CHD5)

Huffington Post Live (MIT - CHD3)

Fast Company (MIT - CHD3)

Popular Science (SF - CHD2)

Fast Company (NYC - CHD1)

Slate (NYC - CHD1)

Fun Fact

CHD is responsible for at least one ongoing relationship that we're aware of. We usually don't take equity in CHD projects but we'll be making an exception if that couple ever has children. Comedy Hack Day has a nice ring to it as a middle name, right?