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The video above is called a “sizzle reel,” which is an industry term that means, “We are badass, and everyone should watch and sponsor this program.”

That’s right, we make television now (or the thing that looks and acts like a television but still allows snobby people to say “I don’t have a television”). We are partnering with AOL Studios to produce a show about crowdfunded businesses in the United States. It’s called FUNDED. I’ll be hosting it. Brian will spearhead the writing and producing. Craig will handle most of the glaring. Slate wrote about it this week along with Huffington Post.

We’re excited to talk with entrepreneurs around the country about why they chose the crowdfunding path, how they work with their supporters, and what they are doing with all this money!

We would love your help, especially in finding stories and questions. Please, if you know of any cool, under-the-radar crowdfunding stories or even if you’re simply interested in the subject—hell, maybe you are crowdfunding your own project RIGHT NOW—share your brain with us.

If you are anti-link clicking, then here’s that same chance to share ideas with us embedded. We look out for our people.