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Not every day are we given the chance to watch a dude spray an aerosol can into a plastic bag then freeze the condensation to create homemade rave drugs. Today is the exception.

My buddy Dan led me to this gem. WHATEVEREST by Kristoffer Borgli is the story of Marius Solem Johansen aka Inspector Norse, who posts videos of himself dancing to the songs of Todd Terje, who in turn found the videos and went on to write a song dedicated to Johansen called “Inspector Norse.” Terje’s music is the soundtrack for WHATEVEREST and sets the perfect tone for this goofy yet often profound documentary.

One thing to note is how well the video’s aesthetic complements Johansen’s oddball and totally awesome energy. WHATEVEREST achieves Wes Anderson levels of content and set unity. In particular, I think the bowling alley scene is pure gold, especially at 5:03.

This video left me excited about how having infinite and immediate access to audio is shaping our lives and creating new kinds of experiences altogether. 2014 is going to be a big year for sound. I’m calling it.