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Comedy Hack Day SF — Day 1It’s about 3:30 am local time at Comedy Hack Day SF and we’re down to six people left awake, and one of those is the night-shift security guard. If you want to lump in Whiskey Friday—and who wouldn’t?—we’re more than 33 hours deep into the second-ever Comedy Hack Day weekend.

BalloonatundeLast night, Baratunde and I debated whether our Whiskey Friday at Southern Pacific Brewery may have been the largest Whiskey Friday ever. There may have been some bigger ones back at The Onion office, but the point is: we had a crap ton of people. SoundCloud kindly helped us provide our loyal booze drinkers with complimentary whiskey and beer, and best of all, I managed to slyly snap this photo of Baratunde tweeting right in front of the absurd graduation/Mother’s Day balloons we acquired to let people know where we were stationed.

This morning the gladiators all arrived, we filled their bellies with pastries and coffee, then the festivities began. We recorded about 36 minutes worth of idea pitches if you want to get a flavor for the types of concepts you get when you ask people to dream up comedic apps.

I don’t want to spoil anything for tomorrow, but we’re definitely excited as all hell about almost every single hack in the works, except for one guy who tells us he’s working on an app that helps you score free food and beer for a weekend. I’m pretty sure that guy is bilking us.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for demos at 3 pm PST (6 pm center-of-the-world time). We’ll be live streaming right here on our blog and those of you in the bay area can still sign up to come check things out in person. In either case, sign up on Eventbrite, stay abreast of our blog and, and monitor our #ComedyHackDay hashtag on Twitter.

And with that, I’m signing my stinky self offline to possibly fashion a blanket and pillow out of Tapestry T-shirts. I leave you with my personal contribution to the first day of CHD: Late night #vinterviews.