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Who would have thought a 34-hour-long event culminating in three-plus hours of a livestreamed show with more than 200 people attending and tweeting and posting photos would result in so much stuff to sift through?

But trust us, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Since it’s just the three of us trying to put all the pieces together, we probably won’t be posting most our fully fleshed roundups and videos until later today—sorry east coast.

In the meantime, we at least wanted to share the list of winners with a brief description of what they built. There will be plenty more to come in the next 24 hours. For sure. Maybe. Probably.

The MailChimp Super Awesome Way-Better-Than-Everybody-Else Award
Team: Citation Needed
What Is It?: Never lose another barroom argument again with this mobile app that allows you to create a facsimile Wikipedia page for any topic you want while adding whatever you are trying to prove. Because if it’s on the internet, it must be true.

Runner-Up Award For Almost Winning But Not Quite
Team: HipCrax
What Is It?: Customize wallpapers and games specifically for the crack pattern on your shattered smartphone. HipCrax wants to turn your cracked phone from a emblem of shame into a badge of honor.

Least-Viable Product
Team: Zombie Roulette
What Is It?: With this year marking the 30 year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” use Zombie Roulette to learn the dance, share moves with your friends, and eventually join a movement to conduct the world’s largest Thriller dance on October 31st in San Francisco.

Best Game Sponsored By Funny Or Die
Team: SMS And Tell
What Is It?: Crowd source your wingman with this service that offers a full suite of mobile flirting services. Give or receive help on how to text with that guy/girl you met last night, fully automate your sexting, or even rate how “into you” somebody is based on texts using SMS And Tell’s “galgorithm” technology.

Most Ridiculous Use Of A Mashery API
Team: Magic Story Factory
What Is It?: Kids always want the same books read, but let’s be honest, do they even know or care what you’re saying? Put that to the test with his iPad app that takes news articles you want to read and feeds them into a delightfully illustrated child’s book. Place your inflections at the right places in that tech article, and suddenly everybody will love story time equally.

Best Improv Hack Sponsored By TokBox
Team: Reality Check
What Is It?: The first mobile app catered to the working professional who is totally tripping balls, right now. If your hallucinogenic of choice has you in a bad place, get a reality check.

Best Music Hack Sponsored By Rdio
Team: Up In A GIF
What Is It?: An alarm clock that punishes you for snoozing by snapping photos of you, turning them into a gif, and pushing them out to your entire social network.