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Robert Mankoff, aside from being The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor, is a cool dude. We had the pleasure of meeting Bob for lunch last year, and barely a second passed in silence as we gushed excitedly about humor, comedy, and the most effective method of midtown jaywalking. Why do I ... read more
It’s so much easier to obsess with the internet. If you like something a lot—a band, an athlete, a particular vegetable because you’re weird and play favorites with produce but it’s 2014, and there are communities for everything including parsnips, so shut up—there exists nearly endless amounts of content regarding ... read more
Not every day are we given the chance to watch a dude spray an aerosol can into a plastic bag then freeze the condensation to create homemade rave drugs. Today is the exception. My buddy Dan led me to this gem. WHATEVEREST by Kristoffer Borgli is the story of Marius ... read more
We had the pleasure of virtually “sitting down with” 99% Invisible host Roman Mars only 24 hours into his latest Kickstarter campaign. The conversation streamed live, and really, you should’ve been there. But lucky for you, Youtube never forgets, so we’ve posted the full video right here. You’re welcome. As ... read more
Baratunde may host Comedy Hack Day, but Matt Klinman might now be considered the star of the show. Matt, if you read that sentence and laugh, thinking to yourself “that’s absurd,” well it’s NOT! Okay!? You’re a star, Matt! A two-time champion and A STAR!! Sorry. Where were we? Right, ... read more