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This week we flew up to Toronto to test out a new kind of Comedy Hack Day. CMDC had us build and demo two Comedy Hack Day-style projects at their conference. We brought six Comedy Hack Day all-stars (Zoe, Toby, Matt, Derek, Kim, and Aliya) and made two projects: Tab Champ and ... read more
Last week we published our first Comedy Hack Day product video. It looks like this: We’re thrilled that people like it. We had a blast making the thing and would’ve been happy with 5k plays so all of this is gravy, honestly. However, because we did get a bunch of ... read more
Miranda July has just released two things that are wonderful: Somebody, a messaging app that encourages strangers to deliver your texts to friends verbally, and a short film that imagines four increasingly awesome stories around the app. When Somebody hit the Burrito Den, our internal Slack channel for goofy stuff, ... read more
Not every day are we given the chance to watch a dude spray an aerosol can into a plastic bag then freeze the condensation to create homemade rave drugs. Today is the exception. My buddy Dan led me to this gem. WHATEVEREST by Kristoffer Borgli is the story of Marius ... read more