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Baratunde may host Comedy Hack Day, but Matt Klinman might now be considered the star of the show. Matt, if you read that sentence and laugh, thinking to yourself “that’s absurd,” well it’s NOT! Okay!? You’re a star, Matt! A two-time champion and A STAR!! Sorry. Where were we? Right, ... read more
There’s a refrain we’ve been using with this Fuck You Congress campaign: This site shouldn’t exist. The number one reaction to the site has been shock, not out of disgust but out of surprise that this domain was even available as of last week. And it’s that particular variety of ... read more
It only took three Comedy Hack Days to finally expose the truth. The MIT Media Lab played host to this weekend’s hackathon, which brought together 14 teams of comedians and developers in a contest to crown the most hilarious app, site, or musical toilet. The five-person team that called itself ... read more