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Venture Barn 500px

Now that Comedy Hack Day is a glimmer in the rearview mirror of our gold-plated Tesla, it’s time we discuss something very serious and dear to our heart: Venture Barn.

As a rather soft promotional stunt for Comedy Hack Day, I had the idea to print and distribute some neon flyers for some non-existant startup or tech entity, then distribute them during SF Sketchfest. After some group brainstorming we agreed to create Venture Barn, a factory-direct outlet mall of sorts for discount startups.

From there, it became simple. Write some jargon-riddled blowout sale text (“Looking to pivot? Trade in your old business plan for a new one today!”), invent some absurd fake startups (“More than 40 futures of education”), and design a hokey looking barn-themed flyer. The rooster is probably my favorite touch of the whole thing.

Craig even went one further and purchased and created a picture-perfect site.

That’s all. No real point to this post other than sharing what I am going to call the most significant contribution Cultivated Wit has made to society to date.